• Saf𝖊mo0n Wall𝖊t - Safe Dig𝔦tal Wallet

    Safety is an essential element that everyone considers before choosing a wallet for digital currency. SafeMoon Wallet is one of the safest digital wallets in the crypto business, which has attracted many crypto users in the last couple of months. It has been quite successful in ensuring its customers that their digital assets are safe with SafeMoon.


    SafeMoon wallet is secured with biometric 2-layer security and Google authentication as additional layers of optional security. Plus, like other digital wallets, this one is also well-secured with a wallet password.


    The best thing is that whether anyone is new to crypto or a seasoned investor, SafeMoon Wallet is an excellent option to send, receive or swap favorite tokens.


    The consensus mechanism used by the Binance Smart Chain is called Proof of Authority. In this mechanism, the block creators are known as validators. These block creators are pre-approved and chosen by Binance.


    So, to be approved, they need to confirm their real identities, keep investing money to prove long-term commitment, and be fair and equal to all other candidates. This further makes proof of authority reputation-based by design.


    In this particular model, Binance has complete control over the blockchain. They have absolute control over deciding who becomes a validator, and they can remove validators at their discretion.


    Plus, all users must trust that Binance will behave in everyone’s best interest. So if Binance decides to change any aspects of the chain or ecosystem, it has the power to do so.